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We believe that the only way to truly serve your interests is to avoid all sales commissions, quotas, trails and referral fees. The only fees we receive are the ones you pay us. That ensures that we can do the following:

  • We are free to recommend low cost investment products. We work hard to ensure that the mutual funds and exchange-traded funds we use in your portfolio or recommend to you have low embedded expense ratios and no front or back end loads (sales commissions).

  • We can recommend products across the entire market spectrum. We are not restricted to proprietary products, and we have no incentive to prefer one product or fund family over another. We have no quotas and win no prizes for recommending certain funds over others.

  • As a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), we subscribe to a fiduciary oath, a written obligation to consider the clientís interest above the advisorís. If there is ever a conflict of interest between your best interest and ours, we pledge to disclose it fully up front.

  • We do not pay or receive referral fees. The professionals we recommend to you, whether they are insurance professionals, tax preparers, estate attorneys, or others, are people we believe are the best fit for your circumstances, with a focus on cost-effectiveness.

  • You pay us directly for the services you receive, and the payments are fully disclosed to you. If you are an investment management client, you will also pay transactions fees to your custodian and there will be operating expenses included in mutual and exchange-traded funds. We do not receive any portion of those fees, and we work hard to ensure that the transactions fees charged by our custodian are reasonable and that the operating expenses in the mutual funds and exchange-traded funds we recommend are as low as possible.